Our Commitment to Green Logistics

When you make the decision to outsource logistics to VLT, you probably chose to do so because it’s cost-effective, reduces internal risk and gives you access to a skilled workforce. But we have one more reason to add to that list: impact on the planet.

The transportation of heavy goods is one of the highest polluting industries across the globe, but we have worked tirelessly to ensure our impact on the planet is low, and getting lower as our business grows.

At VLT Logistics, you can rest assured that we are dedicating ourselves to minimising environmental harm through green logistics, but exactly how can the transport and storage of heavy goods be made more environmentally friendly?

The Advantages of Green Logistics

  1. Reduced long-term cost and improved profitability
  2. Enhanced customer loyalty
  3. Opportunities to build new corporate relationships
  4. Better reputation
  5. Efficient, modern strategy

How We Commit Ourselves to Green Logistics

Modern Vehicles

HGVs contribute to 18% of greenhouse gas emissions for road transport, but manufacturers are shifting towards greener methods of delivery. Sustainable technology within the production of heavy goods vehicles is experiencing rapid growth, and the demand for eco-friendly HGVs is on the rise.

VLT Logistics are proud to use modern vehicles to transport client goods across our full supply chain. This ensures that we minimise our impact on the planet whilst delivering your items safely and securely.

Linear Logistics Solutions

In previous years, the logistics industry has favoured linear methods of distribution, where items are delivered to customers who then dispose of them as general waste. To prevent mass build up of unwanted goods in landfill, logistics companies adopt the following practices:

  1. Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics offers a method by which customers can return products rather than sending them to landfill, and distributors can return materials. VLT Logistics both deliver goods and return them to our warehouse which not only affords you the ability to resell unwanted products, but gives them a life beyond general waste.

  1. Circular Logistics

Circular supply chains realise the value in reusing and repurposing materials when they are no longer of use. From shipping pallets to the raw materials used to produce HGVs, metals, plastics and other recyclable components can be extracted from all physical commodities and be either repurposed or disposed of responsibly.

Large Scale Logistics

By offering a solution to small-scale logistics and delivering goods to consumers in one load rather than several smaller loads, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint through a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Automated Load Optimisation

Using automated systems to coordinate deliverables with ease has allowed many logistics companies to reduce emissions. With the volume of deliverable items existing today, it is vital that goods with similar ETAs and destinations be delivered with the highest level of efficiency possible to avoid excess usage of vehicles, whether this is by trailer or air freight.

By using automated systems, we increase the effectiveness of these operations thereby reducing our impact on the planet.

Dynamic Route Processes

Critically selecting routes and retaining the ability to divert from them if necessary remains a large part of successful logistics strategy, but it has a sustainable advantage too.

Congestion is often underestimated for its part in day-to-day sustainability, but when there are more cars on the road, particularly in slow moving traffic, greater amounts of fuel and energy are used.

By choosing to travel at night and using state-of-the-art satellite tracking, our drivers are able to reduce road-time and congestion by 15%.

VLT Logistics have over 20 years experience in the distribution of goods with drivers that are qualified to handle all of your requirements with sustainability in mind. We have the ability to deliver single pallets for smaller companies as well as full articulated loads of your completed product, parts or raw materials to improve green operations within your business.