Fuel Surcharge

The invoice shall be subject to a fuel surcharge applicable to the Month in which the journey took place (to take account of increases in the price of fuel only) which is applied as a percentage increase in the applicable rate of 0.35%.

The Current Price, in respect of any Month, is the average fuel price for that month, using data published by the Road Haulage Associations Monthly Fuel Price Comparison.

VLT Base Price of Fuel = £1.00


Cost of Job £100.00

Base price of Fuel is £1.00

Current fuel price £1.2135 pence per litre

Increase in price of Fuel = 0.2135p

0.2135 x 0.35 x 100 = Surcharge of £7.47p

Total rate £107.47p

As demonstrated, the rate is protected in by applying a fair and proportionate mechanism, against unpredictable rises in the price of fuel.