Milton Keynes Pressings

The team at VLT Logistics have worked with Milton Keynes Pressings for a number of years, providing time critical UK logistic solutions delivering their products to the automotive industry.


Milton Keynes Pressings is an engineering company that specialises in the supply of metal pressings, welded assemblies and fine limit sheet metal components into a variety of industries. The business predominantly supplies sheet metal components and bright wear for automotive manufacturers.


Using a collaborative logistics approach, VLT Logistics created a sustainable solution that ensures parts produced by Milton Keynes Pressings are moved directly to production lines in line with strict deadlines.

When the supply chain depends on the accurate delivery of parts from A to B, enhancing the efficiency and quality of logistics services is key for any business. By making key improvements to the service, and monitoring performance along the way, we are able to improve supply chain systems and add value for the Milton Keynes Pressings team.