VLT Logistics support the Denso Marston team by providing rapid response for same day express transport solutions.


DENSO Marston is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for a number of major automakers across the globe.

The global company has a number of bases across the UK, including factories in Shipley and Telford, as well as sales hubs in Coventry and Hemel Hempstead.


This includes the transportation of goods and materials under strict deadlines. If these deadlines are not met, this could potentially impact on the supply chain to some of the largest automotive companies not only in the UK but also abroad.

To ensure we meet deadlines for the Denso Marston team, we have trained our team on a strict set of procedures and logistic technologies to measure the performance of their deliveries. This allows the VLT Logistics team to address any issues in real-time if needed.

Using the latest vehicle tracking technology, we can supply the team at Denso Marston with up to date status reports on the location of their delivery, and the client is able to also track this in their own time should they wish.

“The ability to react at short notice for deliveries and collections from companies in the UK and Europe has always been one of the key strengths of VLT Logistics as a provider to Denso.

The quick and friendly response from the VLT Logistics team and the reliability of their drivers has always meant that VLT is the first point of contact for Denso deliveries and collections.”